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TVD cast 20in20 challenge community

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tvd cast 20in20 challenge community
...To tvdcast20in20 an icon challenge community where you have 20 days to make 20 icons.


- Please only sign up if you are committed to making the icons and really want to participate.
- You may choose one or a pair of The Vampire Diaries cast member(s). You can even do a group of 3, but please, no more than four.
- You are not allowed to choose the same cast member/group twice in a row, but the third time around is fine.
- You may enter only once in a month, using only your cast member(s).
- Only 5 people can use the same cast member or group.
- All the icons you enter to this community must be made for the challenge and not posted before anywhere else.
- When entering your icons to the community, you must post a link to your own journal with a preview of 3 icons.
- All icons must be public! You may not make your post members only or private during the challenge. You can put it private after voting and winners have been announced. People must be able to view them.
- All icons must fit the livejournal standard (under 40kb, 100x100px, and either .png, .jpeg, .gif file format).
- This is a stills community, so no animated icons please.
- Try to keep the images you use in your icons pg or pg-13.
- Try to use pictures of the cast member mostly, not the character they play. You can use the character, but don't use them for all icons.
I snagged the rules from: twicast20in20 and changed them a bit.

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